[Marxism] Eight Theses on the Economic Crisis

brad bauerly bbauerly at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 13:59:12 MST 2009

> An economic crisis is the crisis of a particular economic regime _withn_
> capitalism. There is no reason what3ver to call such a crisis a Crisdis
> of Capitalism! There is no reason to think it represents any challenge
> to or weakening of Capitalism as such.
> And the worse it is, the more widespread misery it cvauses, the less
> will be its challenge to Capitalism as a ssystem, for it will radically
> individualize workers of all strat of the calss as they desperately
> focus on individual survival.
> So what is the purpose of this endless chatter about the state of the
> economy?
> Carrol
> I completely agree with the first paragraph, completely disagree with the
second and therefore find the last sentence also wrong.

While this is not a crisis of capitalism, you are correct in that a crisis
of capitalism requires that we push it down, it is a crisis in capitalism
which creates openings.  Now, whether the left is strong enough to
capitalize on these openings is the question of the day/week/year/epoch.
However, going back to Marx it has been the basis thesis of socialist
revolutionaries that the increasing immizeration of the working class is how
capitalism creates its own gravediggers (not that he didn't say corpses, but
gravediggers implying a requirement of socialist agency).

The individualization of workers has its limits, both ideologically and
materially.  The point of the 'endless chatter' is to attempt to locate
these material limits and the connections to the ideological ones (not
really separate, concretely) and/or to elucidate the shortcomings- remove
the veil masking the exploitation- and create a movement to push it down.


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