[Marxism] Eight Theses on the Economic Crisis

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 25 16:07:02 MST 2009

What would make it a crisis of capitalism?  Was the Great Depression a 
crisis of capitalism?

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> While this is not a crisis of capitalism, you are correct in that a crisis
> of capitalism requires that we push it down, it is a crisis in capitalism
> which creates openings.  Now, whether the left is strong enough to
> capitalize on these openings is the question of the day/week/year/epoch.
> However, going back to Marx it has been the basis thesis of socialist
> revolutionaries that the increasing immizeration of the working class is 
> how
> capitalism creates its own gravediggers (not that he didn't say corpses, 
> but
> gravediggers implying a requirement of socialist agency).

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