[Marxism] Honduras: Unequivocal signs of coming repression

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 09:46:13 MST 2009

I am afraid that though we might well LIKE to skirt people whose class 
allegiance we find doubtful, or not doubtful at all, we must not stay 
away from the concrete consciousness of the Honduran masses.

> S. Artesian wrote:
> So is it official now? Can we all agree that the "agreement" negotiated by
> Shannon wasn't a victory? That it was a fraud? That Zelaya should have
> never signed it, and the fact that he did says a lot about his class
> allegiance?
> Maybe we can take another look and understand that the forces driving this
> conflict have far outstripped the issue of his presidency, and what the next
> steps must be? Maybe?
> PRESIDENT ZELAYA's Letter to the Presidents of the Hemisphere
> "The Name of Our Country is América" - Simon Bolivar
> The Narco News Bulletin
> Reporting on the War on Drugs and Democracy from Latin America
> November 24, 2009 | Issue #62
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> “Legalizing Coups d’Etat by Means of Spurious Electoral Processes
> Divides the Unity of the Nations of América”
> A Letter to the Presidents of the Hemisphere
> By Manuel Zelaya Rosales
> President of Honduras
> November 22, 2009
> Honorable Presidents
> Nations of América
> Dear Presidents,
> I write you in my role as President of Honduras, valuing the excellent
> relations between our countries and in defense of the democracy
> violated in Honduras as consequence of the Military Coup d’Etat

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