[Marxism] Honduras: Unequivocal signs of coming repression,,

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Nov 26 10:02:32 MST 2009

Artesian writes:
All that from one short post? All that from arguing in several short posts
against CB's chanting O-bam-a, O-bam-a, and against those hailing the
agreement as a "victory"? Wow, Fred, good for you.

You think I'm arguing for socialism right now or bust? Nope. I'm arguing
for class-defined actions or the struggle will be busted.

You want to defend, as you do, support, as you admit, a "bourgeois
nationalist," as you call him? Go right ahead-- actually no, don't go right
ahead-- you have no business, and I do mean business, imposing your
preference, your support of bourgeois nationalism as the correct and only
viable path, proper "stage" or phase, of struggle onto the urban and rural
poor of Honduras.

[etc., etc., etc. until all available maggots are properly gagged]

Fred comments:
Routine sectarian demagogy in response to reasoned argument from Artesian
the Thunder God (whose email pseudonym should be "I Am That I Am").

I especially appreciated the TG's charge that the course of the class
struggle of the oppressed and exploited has been imposed on them by racist

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