[Marxism] 2009 New York African Diaspora Film Festival

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Nov 26 10:23:36 MST 2009

This is a brief announcement from the organizers of the New York African 
Diaspora Film Festival (NYADFF) that will be followed by my own 
recommendations on attending.

"From the 27th of November to December 15th, the 17th edition of the New 
York African Diaspora Film Festival will be showcasing 101 films from 46 
countries in 6 NYC venues.  Special events, Q&A with filmmakers and 
panel discussions are also programmed.  Amazing Quality and Diversity. 
Visit www.nyadff.org for schedules, venues, tickets and more information."

Among the festivals I have attended in New York over the past decade or 
so, this is without a doubt the most important from the social and 
political perspective, not to speak of the consistently excellent 
quality of the movies. Using just a tiny fraction of the funding that 
goes into the typical Hollywood blockbuster, NYADFF films deliver much 
more bang for the dollar.

Two of the more notable films I have seen from this venue are "Otomo", 
(http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/mydocs/culture/Otomo.htm) a searing tale 
about a Cameroonian immigrant's conflict with the cops in German, and "A 
Night in Morocco: Where are you going Moshe?”, a movie that challenges 
the official story that Sephardic Jews were happy to emigrate to Israel. 
Not only were these films of tremendous relevance to the troubled world 
we are living in, but were terrific film-making.

Go to http://www.nyadff.org/ to see the schedule of all the outstanding 
movies lined up for 2009.

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