[Marxism] Honduras: Unequivocal signs of coming repression,

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 11:09:51 MST 2009

I think Fred has a better handle on this than S. Art. The starting 
point, other than an objective analysis of the Zelaya personality and 
role, is where the masses themselves have struggle for.

At not point, *whatsoever* have the masses stopped demanding a 
restoration of the Presidency. At the core, this is the main immediate 
issue that hasn't faded at all. Secondly the call for a Constituent 
Assembly the MAIN underlying opposition by the US and the Golpistas 
because, unlike S. Art. IMO, they understand that this can open up a 
huge can of worms including but not restricted to constitutional 
expropriation of all natural resources in Honduras, thorough going land 
reform WAY beyond the limited version first articulated by Zelaya and 
massive socialization of various aspects of Honduran political economy.

I have mixed feelings about the actual agreement, of course, because at 
a certain point, only a mass, insurrectionary movement/strike is going 
to return Zelaya to the status quo. But the masses were literally 
dancing in th streets when the announcement was made about the 
agreement. You have to deal with that.

Some pertinent points from NRF Communiques 33 & 34:

1. If by 12 midnight today, Thursday, November 5 -- at the latest -- 
President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales is not reinstated, the National 
Front of Resistance Against the Coup will refuse to recognize the 
electoral process and its results.

2. We warn all organizations of the national Resistance that if 
President Zelaya were not to be reinstated within this time frame, they 
should be ready to carry out the actions necessary to deny any 
legitimacy to the electoral farce.

3. We call upon the international community to maintain its position of 
refusing to legitimize the de-facto regime and the elections of November 29.

 From *November 9, 2009:

*3. Now more than ever it is clear that the exercise of participatory 
democracy through the installation of a Constituent Assembly is not just 
a non-negotiable right but also the only way to provide the Honduran 
people with a democratic and inclusive political system.

Do not people on this list recognize what a huge radicalization this is?


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