[Marxism] Honduras: Unequivocal signs of coming repression,

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 11:54:43 MST 2009

If there are signs of "coming repression", it is because we can sense 
something different, "coming unrest".

nada escribió:

> I think Fred has a better handle on this than S. Art. The starting 
> point, other than an objective analysis of the Zelaya personality and 
> role, is where the masses themselves have struggle for.
> At not point, *whatsoever* have the masses stopped demanding a 
> restoration of the Presidency. At the core, this is the main immediate 
> issue that hasn't faded at all.

Zelaya embodies popular sovereignty. We may like him or not, and we may 
search down his ancestry to the first Zelaya on Honduras to "discover" 
(oh, surprise, surprise) that he is coming from the ruling classes.

But this is not the issue at stake. It is popular sovereignty itself 
that has been questioned. This is why the masses will not stop demanding 
his restoration to Presidency. It is _their_ right, not Zelaya´s. And 
they struggle for their right, in the person of Zelaya. This right knows 
not of constitutional terms, that is why Zelaya must be reinstated even 
if he has "completed" his term.

> Secondly the call for a Constituent 
> Assembly the MAIN underlying opposition by the US and the Golpistas 
> because, unlike S. Art. IMO, they understand that this can open up a 
> huge can of worms including but not restricted to constitutional 
> expropriation of all natural resources in Honduras, thorough going land 
> reform WAY beyond the limited version first articulated by Zelaya and 
> massive socialization of various aspects of Honduran political economy.

Let us assume, as a hypotesis, that none of the above is achieved, not 
even SUGGESTED by a single member of the Constituyente (a Constitutional 
Assembly, BTW, that the Honduran oligarchy does not want to convene to 
the point that they made the coup against a faint menace of its 
convening). If the Constitutional reform opens up a debate on the role 
of foreign troops in Guatemala, and includes a proviso requesting full 
control of Soto Cano / Palmerola, this is almost ENOUGH for the US and 
the Guatemalan oligarchy to blast the whole edifice to rubble.

> I have mixed feelings about the actual agreement, of course, because at 
> a certain point, only a mass, insurrectionary movement/strike is going 
> to return Zelaya to the status quo. But the masses were literally 
> dancing in th streets when the announcement was made about the 
> agreement. You have to deal with that.

Because the masses sensed that the Leviathan had not obtained all that 
it wanted, and that the way for struggle remained open.

The NRF Communiques quoted by "nada" codify this.

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