[Marxism] [Spanish, sorry] My cde. Battistoni answers to some "rrrrrrevolutionaries"

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 27 08:52:09 MST 2009

Referring to me, Nestor, as "the Leftist objective allies of our mass 
murderers"?  I ask that because I think you're the one who dissembles over 
mass murders, and mass-murderes, using your well-worn excuse of  "ignorance" 
to justify nauseating and cowardly equivocation.

Allow me to quote from your post of 24-06-09:

"That is why, much as I regret (and I am not being sardonic) deaths of 
Marxists in Iran during the 80s, I  don´t know if this implies that those 
who killed them were  reactionary only because they murdered
Marxists. In order to do such an evaluation, I would have to know more about 
Iran, about Iranian Marxists, and about their relation with the Iranian 
toiling masses. I am an ignorant on all these issues."

To which I replied:

"Pardon the vulgarity, but this by Nestor..is fucking UNBELIEVABLE and says 
all that needs to be said, and all we need
to know about Nestor's supposed Marxism-- agnosticism in the service of 

What a crock."

So tell me again, who's being the objective ally of mass murder?  Although I 
would hardly call you leftist.

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> 2009/11/27 S. Artesian <sartesian at earthlink.net>:
>> Ah yes, here comes Nestor's aria in the opera of the same name "Poor,
>> pitiful, abused me."
> Don´t rate so low other subscribers´ wits, S. Artesian.
> I am singing no such aria.
> Perhaps, a warsong against the Leftist objective allies of our mass 
> murderers.
> And that´s all, before the moderator, in good reason, calls me to order.

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