[Marxism] [Spanish, sorry] My cde. Battistoni answers to some "rrrrrrevolutionaries"

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 27 09:49:36 MST 2009

I already said, and did, as such.

I would recommend, however, that libel/labeling a list member as an 
"objective ally of mass murderers" be prohibited from the list.  Unless, of 
course, the accusing party has such objective evidence, in which case the 
accused should be removed the list.  If no such evidence is available, if 
the term is used to libel someone whose analysis differs from the accusers, 
then the accuser should be so removed.

Simple, right?

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> it's time for Nestor and S.Artesian to stop talking to each other on
> list. at least for now. please take it offlist, i can help by moderating
> you both if need be.
> Les
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