[Marxism] An amusing anonymous comment on my Berube post

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 29 07:17:48 MST 2009

(Reading this, I wonder if the author is channeling the spirit of my 
dear friend, the late Mark Jones.)

It is heartening to see that Bérubé has put his Jesuitical training from 
Regis High School to good use in terms of the 1600 year war against the 
heresy of the Manicheans. Saint Ephraem wrote a good tract against this 
tendency (Manichean Tendency of the Gnostic Faction of the One Holy 
Apostolic Church Party) in the Fourth Century, Anno Domini. I myself was 
involved in a gambling ring run out of Bukidnon, Mindanao by Father 
Stephen Duffy which spent half its time running liberation theology 
study groups to get peasants primed for the New People’s Army, and half 
the time fighting against these Gnostic deviations which kept cropping up.

As far as Proyect’s comments, his end ones are the most spot on. When I 
read Lenin, Molotov, or any of those Manichean leftists that are 
probably read by those dirty Manichean neostalinist sectarian WWP thugs, 
those old Bolsheviks have a phrase for dilettantes like Bérubé – “tea 
drinkers”. The question the Bérubé’s of the world ask – why was the WWP 
initially leading the US anti-war movement – is not one that someone 
actually on the ground organizing even has to ask. The WWP lead the 
anti-war protests because they are a national group which is 
well-organized, and instead of dithering, did all of the hard work and 
effort that went into organizing those events. The cruise missile “left” 
was probably busy organizing anti-Nader groups or something.

I see (when giving the book a cursory lookthrough at Barnes and Noble) 
that Bérubé thanked Leo Casey in the book’s opening. That set the tone 
of the book for me right there, I can’t think of anyone more repellent 
of that stripe, except perhaps Michael Pugliese. Actually, if anything 
would make me think of 9/11 as some positive anti-imperialist action, it 
would be the picture of Leo Casey’s car buried under the dust and debris 
of the World Trade Center, like a rain falling on the just and unjust 
alike ( http://mailman.lbo-talk.org/2001/2001-September/017462.html )

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