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On Nov 29, 2009, at 6:43 PM, S. Artesian wrote:
> I was just about to ask the same thing since Trotsky drew up the  
> Zimmerwald
> Manifesto Against the War
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>> Shane, I should probably know better than to ask this question. But  
>> what
>> the hell are you talking about?

The "Zimmerwald Left" was "Left" precisely because while it accepted  
the Manifesto as a copmpromise it was very critical of the Zimmerwald  
Manifesto's "pacifism" (it's rejection of  "revolutionary  
defeatism").  The "telephone booth" phrase was that of Lenin.   
Luxemburg's position on the war, "The Junius Pamphlet,"  and Trotsky's  
"The War and the International," were both severely criticized by  
Lenin and Zinoviev (these criticisms, including the label  
"Kautskyist," were brought to the fore by Stalin and Zinoviev during  
the troika's campaign against "Trotskyism).

See pp. 150ff of Broué's biography of Trotsky.

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