[Marxism] Fwd: Eight theses on the economic crisis

Kenneth Morgan kenmor1968 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 21:11:10 MST 2009

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> brad bauerly wrote:
> >Yes, but, unemployment is what, 20% if we really count it, so this is not
> >yet a majority or even a quarter of the population who have been seriously
> >thrown out of their lifestyles by the crisis. And, yes I agree it will get
> .>worse.  However, none of this means a movement or even a piercing of the
> >veil of liberal ideology.
> And to think for the past year, with all these people losing their jobs,
> myself included, camping out in their cars, living in shelters, and filing
> bankruptcy, I thought we were in the midst of some sort of crisis. Silly me.
> Since those adverseley affected and who have had their lives disrupted, in
> many cases destroyed, are less than 25% of the population, why we're still
> in the midst of a boom. Thanks for straightening me out. Let the good times
> roll!
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