[Marxism] Honduran resistance statement on fraudalent elections

Fred Fuentes fred.fuentes at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 21:28:51 MST 2009

Press Release. no. 40 Popular Resistance Front  Against the Coup d'etat


With complete satisfaction we announce to the Honduran People and the
international community that the electoral farce posted by the
dictatorship regime has been absolutely defeated due to the minimal
affluence of electors to the poll sites, to the extreme that Tribunal
Supremo Electoral had to prorogate another hour the poll until 5 p.m.

If its at sight you don’t need glasses (an Spanish say). Nation wide
monitoring of our organization proves that the level of abstention
during the process is at least of 60 to 75% percent. Wich is the
higher in our national history, and implies that only a maximum of 30
or 35% of electros voted. This is the way of Honduran people to punish
the pro-coup candidates and the dictatorship regime, whom now are
troubled to show to the international public opinion a level of voters
that never existed. We denounce that for that they have resorted to
fraudulent maneuvers like the entrance of Salvadorans, compatible of
the Party ARENA, brought to vote to our country, as it was denounced
by the farmers in the municipality of Magdalena, Intibucá. And we must
hope that they try to increase the electoral volume by means of the
electronic manipulation. The desperation of the regime de facto is
like has brutally repressed the pacific manifestation that was
realized in the city of San Pedro Sula, in which were several hurt,
struck and stopped companions; and a missing person reports itself.

Between the wounded one inquires into a REUTER reporter and the
halting of two monks of the Latin American Council of Churches is
reported they made  work of observation in human rights.

Considering that this result represents a great victory of the
Honduran people, the national Front of Resistance invites all the
Honduran people in resistance to celebrate the defeat of the

Monday 30 of November from the 12 of means is summoned in Tegucigalpa
to a Great Assembly at some future date in at  STYBIS and to the great
Caravan of the Victory against the Electoral Farce from the 3 p.m.
leaving Cipango Planet

We resist and we will win

Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. 29 de noviembre de 2009

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