[Marxism] Third World Infra Structure for a Third World Economy

Kenneth Morgan kenmor1968 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 00:50:26 MST 2009

For a period of over 30 hours, on the westside of Portland, OR the water has
been unsafe to drink, due to EColi being found. Some shit, huh? Before the
alert grocery stores had used the contaminated water to wash produce, and to
produce ice for perishables. Needless to say all that product had to be
tossed. Restaurants on the west side were shut down.

What is even more disturbing is the lack of outrage thus far. Nothing on
Portland Indymedia. I guess the Anarchists are ok with contaminated water.
All the middle class eco freaks, that Portland is famous for, are very, very

There was an online article by the "Portland Mercury", "Serious shit in
Portland's water", that was too stupid  to justify posting the url.

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