[Marxism] (no subject) value, social revolution and revolution at the fro

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Don't think I lost anything, don't think we're in a fight, and I'm really 
not "mad."    I really cannot comprehend any leap coming or standing outside 
the relationship of the classes that personify the relations of production. 
The changes in the material power of the productive forces do not occur 
outside that relationship.  We are not talking about the "inspiration for a 
qualitative change in the technique of production,"  which 'inspiration' may 
or may not exist.  We are talking about its social application; its 
proliferation within the existing relations of classes.

Sure the inspiration is irrelevant, but its manifestation, its expression, 
its application is material, and as such depend on the social relations of 

And I am out, right now.. and it's raining.  What a drag autumn and winter 

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