[Marxism] Roman Polanski: What Did He Do?

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1. US pressure on Switzerland in connection with tax fraud cases.

2. Maintaining class power and property.  Punishment.  Which is why Polanski 
was able to plea-bargain down to sex with a minor, and avoid charges of rape 
and sodomy, and avoid a trial where the victim would testify.   That is also 
why his sentence was only 1 year.  He fled the sentence, remember, not the 
admission of guilt.  To my knowledge he has never refuted or denied the 
grand jury testimony-- not that I have ever, before yesterday, paid any 
attention to it.

His age?  I find it funny that some [not the moderator ] who think her age 
is irrelevant, think his age, now, is relevant.

3. They manage to escape because they are rich and famous.  Marc Rich was 
pardoned by Clinton after all becaus Mrs. Rich was providing financial 
support to the Democratic Party. Is he still in Switzerland?  Probably 
planning to break out Bernie Madoff.

4. How are sex offenders treated? Awfully, I'm sure.

5. The overbearing nature of the US judicial system predates 2003, and 
predates the 2001 inauguration of the "war on terror."

I think we can discuss any of the above without once referring to Polanski 
[disregarding the age issue], which makes it clear to me that the only 
reason we are discussing Polanski is because of his celebrity status.

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