[Marxism] Roman Polanski: What did he do?

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Hey Ian,  two guys break into your friend's house-- your comrade's house. 
Their motivation?  Oh, you just split with them from some little 
self-anointed revolutionary group that really does nothing but suck the lint 
from between the toes of the dead-- you know, Andre Breton, Benjamin Peret. 
Anyway, these two goons break into your comrade's house, they trash his 
books, destroy his papers,  they threaten him...  That's called terrorism.

What do you do?  Call the cops?  A lawyer?  I just bet you would. What a 
joke.  I'll bet your comrades get a real warm feeling knowing what you would 
do if they were ever attacked.

Tell you what I did.  Me and my comrade's brother waited outside one of the 
goons apartment, the older, bigger goon, as the other was just an eighteen 
year old kid .  And when he came home we paid his ass back in spades-- but 
outside on the street.  Then we went to a phone and we called Rosemont and 
his aide-de-camp Paul Garon, and we told them if anybody ever bothers us, if 
anybody from your little coterie so much as sneezes in our direction, we're 
coming after the two of you.  With baseball bats.

Guess what?  Nobody bothered us again.   Guess what else?  The goon from 
Rosemont's group?  He joined Lyn Marcus' psycho-fascist Labor Committee. 
Surprise, surprise. Once a goon, always a goon.

Yep, that's my attitude-- somebody assaults you or your comrade-- you fight 
back.  And you fight to win.

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> I think the above says all we need to know about your attitudes.
> Solidarity,
> Ian

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