[Marxism] A Precarious Peace in Northern Iraq

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> "Differences of opinion are very normal," said Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri
> al-Maliki, standing next to a smiling Masoud Barzani, president of the
> Kurdistan Regional Government in the north of the country, on August 2,
> "because we are building a state on the ruins of dictatorship." One would
> never know from Maliki's casual tone that this meeting was his first with
> Barzani in more than a year, nor that, only months earlier, the Kurdish
> leader was openly accusing him of having dictatorial ambitions himself. At
> several points during the intervening year, indeed, the Iraqi army and the
> fighters loyal to the two major Kurdish parties in Iraq were only a trigger
> pull away from igniting an ethnic civil war as frightening as the sectarian
> bloodshed that has now subsided.
> Quil Lawrence narrates the events that have left "A Precarious Peace in
> Northern Iraq," now in Middle East Report Online:
> http://www.merip.org/mero/mero100109.html
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