[Marxism] Obamacare Cost-Cutting

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 05:21:43 MDT 2009

Jon H. wrote:

Left out from the Counterpunch article is how much extra the private
insurers cost the federal government.
My parents received several robo-calls spreading fear about Medicare
Advantage being cut. I'd bet they were paid for by the insurance
companies that will miss this profit at the expense of Medicare dollars.

You bet, but you don't really know who paid for those calls. The
bottom line is the Obama health care reform package is a privatizing
package, and the government-subsidies for the mandated purchase of
private insurance by the uninsured will fill the coffers of the
insurance companies, so they will benefit more from the new plan than
they have already with plans such as Medicare Advantage.

i bet you those calls were paid for by the republicans, who,
unfortunately, have benefited from the legitimate grievances among
senior citizens that the cost-cutting to the tune of $500 billion will
come at their expense. It is deeply ironic and politically asinine
that the democrats are too craven and corrupt to offer even a decent
public option, not to mention single-payer. And you know what? On this
one the republicans are dead right. Better to kill the bill because
what stands now, as bad as it is, is better than the bill sponsored by
Max Baucus and the other blue dog democrats in the senate finance

Greg McDonald

Full: http://www.counterpunch.org/cramer08182009.html

This new bottom line for benefits, much lower than anything I ever had
with my “employer-provided” insurance plans, will be this basic
Medicare plan offered to all, served up with blarney that now all
Americans have access to the same excellent Medicare that the elderly
are so “happy” with. If that isn’t
good enough for you, anyone who can afford it will be able to purchase
additional coverage, at a much higher price than seniors now pay for
the government-subsidized supplemental programs (sometimes called
Medicare “Advantage”).  According to repeated pronouncements by the
President and Congress, these government-subsidized, supplemental
programs (that seniors have depended upon to expand their Medicare
benefits and make basic medical services affordable) will be
eliminated. They constitute the “waste” in the system that the
President and Congress repeatedly refer to. They also represent
“chicken feed,” compared to the enormous profits the private sector is
going to accumulate when we all have to purchase private health
insurance policies.

This is what Grampy meant, when he protested that he did not want the
government messing around with his Medicare.  In spite of the
chortling and demeaning commentary by noted liberals on NPR talk
shows, Democracy Now, The DR show, and others, Grampy does know that
the deduction he agreed the government should take directly from his
monthly Social Security check is his premium payment for the
government-run Medicare plan.  He also knows he could never afford
decent medical coverage if he did not make an additional monthly
premium payment for the private supplemental  (“Advantage”) program.
Grampy knows that these supplemental programs that give him the
“advantage” of being able to afford the basics of medical care, are on
the chopping block and that their elimination (as Obama brags
repeatedly) will play a major part in the cost-cutting needed to pay
for the new health reform program.

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