[Marxism] 15.1 Million unemployed in US!!

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Fri Oct 2 11:52:52 MDT 2009

On Friday 02 October 2009, brad bauerly wrote:
 > I am having a really hard time rapping my head around the contradiction
 > between the large and growing number of unemployed and the supine nature
 > of the US left.  Why is there no substantial movement?

   While there are many reasons, a few are clear.

   The propaganda from decades of Cold War indoctrination and the 
subsequent "failure" of socialism and communism are (hopefully) at their 
peak. Though public schools insist on schooling kids and in not teaching 
much critical thought, I've found that younger people -- not being exposed 
to as much Cold War propaganda -- are more receptive of critical ideas. The 
capitalist victory over traditional labor is similarly at a high point in 
terms of propaganda and mental mindsets.

   The concentration and the use of the corporate mass media has reached new 
heights. The ruling class is nearing perfection at infotainment and 
distractions, be it from "reality TV", to sitcoms, to sports or movies.

   The US left continues to be fractious and seems to spend more time in 
analytical debate among themselves than appealing to the masses of working 
people with simple, common sense proposals.

"In 1998, the top 1 percent of stock owners owned 47.7 percent of all stock, 
while the bottom 80 percent owned 4.1 percent. Between 1989 and 1998, 
nearly 35 percent of all stock market gains went to the top 1 percent of 
shareholders. 64 percent of American households have stock holdings worth 
$5,000 or less, or own no stock at all." -- www.inequality.org

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