[Marxism] 15.1 Million unemployed in US!!,

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Oct 2 12:14:53 MDT 2009

It was an overload of this sort of thing that led me to more or less
stop reading the marxism list.

What _is_ the point? It seems to me that this posting of bad economic
news exhibits mostly  serious doubt abaut the validity of Marxism. You
have to keep enocuraging yourself that capitalism is really bad by
posting this sort of trivia.



It is not bad news that shows that capitalism is intolerable.

Nor is it bad news that shows that capitalism is vulnerable. In fact the
opposite. Bad news just shows how nearly invulnerable capitalism is, how
difficult it will be to avoid the second alternative offered by
Luxemburg -- barbarism.

It is good times, relatively at least _real_ good times, in which
capitalism is most vulnerable. Then more of the wroking class (about 80%
of the population) has some margin in which to think, and feeling the
improvement begin to wonder why not more improvement. The Great
Depression created fascism, war, and the reinvigoration of capitalism.
It was the nearly two decades of rising hope that generated the'60s,
which deserve far more study and far more respect than is usually
accored them by leftists, still c aught up in the sectarian prejudices
of that era. In fact what made it a great era was the whole chorus of
diffrent, eving clashing, trends of resistance. That is roughly what a
revolutionary decade, if one ever comes, will resemble most. (It will be
more like the 60s than any other past period, but still  very different.

The Great God of History is Contigncy.


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