[Marxism] 15.1 Million unemployed in US!!,

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Oct 2 12:23:27 MDT 2009

Carrol Cox wrote:
> It is good times, relatively at least _real_ good times, in which
> capitalism is most vulnerable. 


In a letter to Marx, dated October 7, 1858, Engels wrote: “...The 
English proletariat is actually becoming more and more bourgeois, so 
that this most bourgeois of all nations is apparently aiming ultimately 
at the possession of a bourgeois aristocracy and a bourgeois proletariat 
alongside the bourgeoisie. For a nation which exploits the whole world 
this is of course to a certain extent justifiable.”

full: http://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1916/oct/x01.htm

> Then more of the wroking class (about 80%
> of the population) has some margin in which to think, and feeling the
> improvement begin to wonder why not more improvement. The Great
> Depression created fascism, war, and the reinvigoration of capitalism.

Silly me thinking that the boneheaded tactics of the Social Democracy 
and the Comintern had something to do with it.

> It was the nearly two decades of rising hope that generated the'60s,
> which deserve far more study and far more respect than is usually
> accored them by leftists, still c aught up in the sectarian prejudices
> of that era. 

The 60s were generated by the civil rights movement, disgust with 
cultural and political repression, and--most of all--an imperialist war 
that was killing hundreds of draftees every week. If several hundred 
draftees were being killed in Iraq since 2003, Abby Hoffman would rise 
from his grave and levitate the Pentagon followed by 750 thousand 
wild-eyed college students.

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