[Marxism] Thoughts for Polanski apologists, by another woman raped at 13.

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Fri Oct 2 14:31:42 MDT 2009

At 15:40 02/10/09 -0400, Louis Proyect wrote:
>the Nation Magazine, Huffington Post, Salon.com et al, are discussing 
>this. So is the bourgeois press.
Oh, that makes it really important then........

>People have differences over this matter. When you accuse one side of 
>being misogynist, it cuts off discussion. 
That was the point though. There isn't any issue of actual importance to
discuss due to this PARTICULAR case that wasn't present before. It's only
that this case involves a celebrity.

> This is the sort of 
>crap that the CP was infected by in the late 1940s when the witch-hunt 
>was gathering steam. People got thrown out
No one is getting thrown out of anything. YOU are the one reacting that way
to ME!

>We need to keep these kinds of charges to an 
>absolute minimum
I did NOT make any "charges!" I made an explanation of why people who I
agree with on other matters would get caught up defending a non-political
prisoner in an otherwise unimportant criminal case. I stand by every word I

>The god-damned prosecutor in the case has just now told the media
I'm not following this. If you want to talk about corrupt prosecutors and
the legal system then there is plenty of material that comes out every day
not involving celebrities.

>are important legal and political questions in this case
Affecting many other cases too, then. I'm more interested in the fate of
political prisoners, for instance.

I still think that insensitivity to sexual assault is pervasive and is a
factor in many of the reactions on this list. But I made no "charges" and
don't find anything further of importance to discuss in this matter. That's
all I have to say.

- Jeff

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