[Marxism] Sexual Assault

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Oct 3 03:57:33 MDT 2009

This was provided by a comrade who sometimes comments on list discussions:

Hi Fred

Jeff wrote at [Marxism], " it is in the interests of society to increase
enforcement of laws on sexual assault".

It's also in the interests of society to get rid of capitalism and
patriarchy, but I don't see it happening.

In the '70s my girlfriend was a volunteer at a rape crisis center and one
weekend a month she carried the beeper.  I heard it go off many times.

Women don't report sexual assault because they know they will be the ones
put on trial and because the chances  the offender will  do ANY time are
extremely low.

My advice to my daughters:  call the rape crisis center and call your sister
and then call a personal injury lawyer, and refuse to talk to the cops.
Cops use their badge and gun to force sex from the poor.  They are some of
the worst offenders.  They don't give a shit about you.
If the lawyer thinks you have a good case bring a civil suit against the
asshole.   In a civil suit there is a much higher chance the attacker will
be exposed as a sexual predator and  lose his bank account and all the rest
of his stuff, instead of smirking as the criminal court judge says, "case

Pat Costello is re-victimizing the victim  when she says, "The victim does
not get to decide" 

It's her body, it's her call, she is the only one who gets to decide.

that's the way I see it

Canadian Law on Sexual Assault
You have a choice, you can have your assailant charged criminally, and/or
you can bring a civil suit against your assailant. Most survivors don't
realize that you can sue your assailant for a monetary reward in civil

Duen also provided this astonishing and horrifying statistic:
openDemocracy28 - 11 - 2007/

... across most of Europe the rape conviction rate has fallen continuously
in the last thirty years. In the UK, in 1977 33.3% of all rapes reported to
the police led to a conviction. In 2007, this figure has fallen to 5.7%. 

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