[Marxism] women, rape and marxmale

Pat Costello pt_costello at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 3 13:31:40 MDT 2009

Forget Polanski. I am talking about what Jeff articulated so well: insensitivity to rape and general indifference to women's issues. Does anybody care that this is pretty much a male only forum? Yes? No? This is a group of men discussing rape. Perhaps I was wrong to assume that because this list is called Marxist, a woman's perspective on women's issues would be welcome. 

Ian Pace wrote:

"Total and utter bullshit. Just that some (I would hope most, in terms of how
I understand Marxism) think rational responses are more valuable than mere

You could say exactly the same thing as you do about the murder of a child,
in the case of, say, a debate about capital punishment. The tabloids and the
right wing media will often respond exactly as you do in such situations,
using emotive rhetoric to try and shut down debate on the subject."


Rape is in fact different since it relates to the historic oppression of women. Rape is used to control, humiliate and objectify women. The murder of a child, while certainly heinous, is not necessarily related to women's oppression. I am sorry that you do not see the difference. 

As for indignation, I guess you thought Che was full of total and utter bullshit when he said "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine."

Louis Proyect wrote:

Frankly, there is no response that is worth making especially since this is merely an Internet mailing
list and not a revolutionary organization. If it was a revolutionary
organization, such concerns would loom a lot larger. I think it would be
a huge mistake to confuse a listserv with a group that aspires to make a


Please don't think that I imagined this to be some kind of revolutionary organization. I assure you I would NEVER do that.

Louis P:

All you would be missing is stimulating conversation, not that much different
than you hear at a cocktail party for highly educated and
class-conscious people.


A cocktail party? You look more like this to me, old boy:


Forgive me for inferring from your statement here...

"All of us should strive to keep an even keel here, especially as capitalism
enters a phase of profound crisis--to use a cliche. We really need
powerful brains here to analyze the period we are in, so more of the
cerebrum and less of the spleen, please."

....that you hope that the powerful Marxmale brains will actually do something with the analysis. Now i realize it is just intended as entertaining cocktail chatter. Thanks for clearing that up. 

That is all i have to say on the matter. Must get back to work. My work is never done, you know, though i work from sun to sun. Very little time for cocktail chatter. 


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