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> Are you sure that was all that Mao was about?  Didn't he and the CCP 
> have some involvement in the epochal social revolution that occurred 
> in China in the last century?  Just seems like a right wing comic 
> book version of history papered over with leftist rhetoric. Was Mao 
> a tyrant? could be?  but what kind of a tyrant was he, what social 
> forces were behind him and what was his historical role in Chinese 
> history? What was his relationship with the masses of workers and 
> peasants who could care less about the petty personal intrigues 
> among leadership cliques.  Henry VIII was a tyrant and a pig who had 
> two of his wives killed (evidence Mao did that?), but to just 
> disparage him on that basis without alluding to or appreciating his 
> broader role in English history in terms of say expulsion of the 
> Catholic Church would reflect an impoverished view of history. 

The British historian E.H. Carr, in his book, "What is History?"
very effectively critiqued the kind of moralistic approach to the 
evaluationof political leaders that Dan seemed to take in his post.

Jim F.
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