[Marxism] question for discussion

george snedeker snedekerg at verizon.net
Sat Oct 3 17:13:41 MDT 2009

We have a Dean of Students at my college who was hired a year and a half ago without a normal search. Prior to becoming Dean of Students, he had no experience in higher education and  had been working as a lawyer. It was recently discovered that in 2008 the Dean was disbarred from practicing law for Professional Misconduct. Three of his former clients charged him with taking their money and failing to properly represent them. The gist of their charges is that he did not file motions or other legal documents for his clients when he was supposed to and their cases suffered as a result. One of his clients was a Transit Worker who had sued the MTA for discriminating against him. In a higher court ruling, the court mentions that the Transit Worker had not gotten adequate legal representation by our Dean when he was his lawyer. The cases go back to 2002-5 before he started working at the college. The actual disbarment took place in 2008. 

My question to you is does the disbarment of the Dean of Students matter? Does his being disbarred have any relevance to his employment at the college and his performing the duties of Dean of Students? I don't yet know what the Administration of the College will do about the Dean since it has just become public that he was disbarred in 2008. 

I am the Chair of the Student Life Committee at my college. We have worked with the Dean of Students up to this point. I am not fond of him since he has not been very cooperative with my committee, but I have done my best to work with him.  Our committee has taken no actions toward him. I have informed the members of the committee about the disbarment and told them where they can find the official ruling in his case online, but we have not discussed the disbarment of the Dean of Students in our committee. 

I would like to pose the disbarment of the Dean of Students as representing both ethical and political questions and would like to hear people's opinions about the issues posed by the disbarment of the Dean. 


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