[Marxism] Chinastudygroup relaunch

Saul Thomas stthomas at uchicago.edu
Sat Oct 3 22:13:30 MDT 2009

China Study Group is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned 
site: chinastudygroup.net <http://chinastudygroup.net/>

China Study Group is a global group of scholars and activists concerned 
with carrying on the critical tradition of China-focused analysis best 
exemplified by William Hinton. The site has been completely redesigned, 
and a raft of new bloggers have joined our ranks. China Study Group 
provides alternative perspectives on China — both its revolutionary past 
and today’s China in the context of globalization.

Highlights of the new site:

    * reviews of Li Minqi's "The Rise of China and the Demise of the
      Capitalist World Economy" and William Hinton's "Through a Glass
      Darkly: U.S. Views of the Chinese Revolution"
    * overview of recent workers' struggles in China
    * translations of important works by the Chinese left
    * daily China-related news updates
    * new bibliographies on China-related topics
    * much, much more!

chinastudygroup.net <http://chinastudygroup.net/>
contact: chinastudygroup at gmail.com <mailto:chinastudygroup at gmail.com>

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