[Marxism] undocumented

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 4 08:31:28 MDT 2009

sandia wrote:
> Just a ramblin' thought... I believe that the primary task of the left
> is to reconstruct something broad that can make a politics to the left
> of the Dems -- that has a whole different set of assumptions, a whole
> different worldview based on socialist principles and values -- viable
> to ordinary people.

Yeah, that's one of the primary reasons for the existence of this 
mailing list, at least for its American component.

I feel that it is useful to have such a space on the Internet even if 
some subscribers are hell-bent on convicting of it of racism, sexism, 
homophobia, catering to imperialism, and other assorted high crimes and 

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