[Marxism] John Holloway speaking in London this month.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 4 09:22:49 MDT 2009

> At the height of the anti-capitalist movement, John Holloway’s book Change The World without Taking Power provoked an 
> international debate*. Eight years later, after the failure of the wars in Iraq 
> and Afghanistan, combined with the failure of the capitalist economy, 
> anti-capitalism is back on the agenda. 
> John Holloway will introduce his forthcoming book, Crack Capitalism, 
> followed by a discussion on how we can change the world without repeating the 
> tragedies of twentieth century socialism. 
> Come and join the debate. 
> *To read the debate around the book Change The World Without Taking 
> Power, go to: 
> http://www.herramienta.com.ar/debate-sobre-cambiar-el-mundo/presentacion-e-indice-de-articulos

My critique of Holloway is there. It contains my characteristic impudence.

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