[Marxism] Marek Edelman, antifascist fighter, dies

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 4 11:26:10 MDT 2009

At 08:02 03/10/09 -0400, Andrew Pollack wrote:
>Edelman was one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising against
>the Nazis.
Yes, thank you for posting this!

I am not a historian, so please feel free to correct me. But I have a
little trouble with this:

>   but they were a far sight better than the Zionist
>quislings in Warsaw who counseled silence and practiced betrayal, all
>in pursuit of their hopes to eventually become colonizers in their own

There was indeed a despicable police force consisting of Jews who not only
collaborated with the nazis but were complicit in the deportation of other
ghetto residents to death camps. They surely met the definition of
"quisling" and almost any other pejorative term you could throw at them.

But I'm not sure if they were particularly "Zionist" as you have written.
Is that not quite an oversimplification, at best? While it is true that the
Zionist movement had little interest in fighting fascism per se (after all,
they agreed with the nazis on "separation of the races"!), I would have
trouble believing that they delivered Jews to the nazis in order that other
Jews could conquer Palestine. I can't believe the main thing on their mind
when they filled this despicable role, was the effect it would have on the
Zionist project in Palestine. I had never heard that the divisions among
the ghetto residents (which were very great, involving violence) were split
over the question of Zionism and emigration to Palestine (which had ended
before 1943), for they had more immediate concerns (to put it mildly).

Again, I'd be interested in any further historical data in this regard. I
realize that the wording you used would resonate with the Palestinians who
you say you were sending that to. At one time I would have just been happy
to read something so "politically correct." But I now have less patience
for that, and when discussing history, I think "historical correctness" is
more important. I think the Palestinians are smart enough to appreciate not
only the politically correct position of anti-fascist anti-zionists, but
also the actual historical alignments which are never so neat and tidy.

- Jeff

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