[Marxism] undocumented (thank you, brother!)

Pat Costello pt_costello at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 4 15:53:21 MDT 2009

Jeff wrote in response to LP:

At 10:31 04/10/09 -0400, Louis Proyect wrote:
>I feel that it is useful to have such a space on the Internet even if
>some subscribers are hell-bent on convicting of it of racism, sexism,
>homophobia, catering to imperialism

But you did tell me one thing. The same thing that I always "learn" when
someone reacts in this way. When a legitimate discussion, in this case
about insensitivity to sexual assault, is met with mocking of the "charges"
("convicting [marxmail] of....") and arbitrary augmentation of the supposed
"charges" (try to document that list of charges!!) in order to make light
of the whole matter. And to preempt any further DISCUSSION of issues which
could plausibly be portrayed as an escalation of those "charges."

Defensiveness speaks volumes!
- Jeff

Thank you, my brother! He jests at a scar that never felt a wound. 

It seems that for some, Marxism is simply an intellectually interesting conversation, internet cocktail chatter. For some of us, it really is more than an intellectual excercise. I know there are good brothers out there like you and S. Artesian who understand. 

Perhaps in good marxmale style i should be witty and sardonic right now but it is simply tiresome isn't it? can't we just be real about oppression? about what it feels like? can't we just care about our fellow beings who are suffering it? 

Could i ever jeer at someone who wants to help me understand what it feels like to be African American or Latino or Native American in this culture? I really hope someone punctures my self importance if I ever go there. 

Thank you, brother,  for understanding.


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