[Marxism] undocumented

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 16:53:28 MDT 2009

But it's the nature of the beast that this works the other way, too.

Unless you actually know the writer, it's all bursts of electrons across the
screen, isn't it?  Except in those cases, race, gender, class, etc. are
actually unknown.  And nobody knows who's been a Maoist or a Trotskyist for
forty years or an anarchist who has no use for anyone here or a Republican
troll or a crazy or a cop or anything.

The value or lack of value of what someone says has to be considered on its
own merits.

I'm sympathetic to people who find it a difficult medium, but I don't know
what can be done about it...other than to use it for what it's worth and not
expect more from it than it can deliver....


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