[Marxism] undocumented

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 4 17:02:47 MDT 2009

Mark Lause wrote:
> But it's the nature of the beast that this works the other way, too.
> Unless you actually know the writer, it's all bursts of electrons across the
> screen, isn't it?  Except in those cases, race, gender, class, etc. are
> actually unknown.  

Actually, on the Marxism list that preceded this one we had a subscriber 
named Ralph Dumain who wrote in such a way as to lead to the impression 
that he was an African-American. When all sorts of good-hearted 
subscribers sent him public and private notes to the effect that they 
sympathized with his plight living in racist America, he never admitted 
that he was a yid just like me.

It all reminds me of that New Yorker Magazine cartoon with two dogs. One 
is sitting at a computer and the other is looking over his shoulder. The 
one at the computer is saying, "Nobody knows that you are a dog on the 

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