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Can we call a halt to this, please?  Louis  hardly made a blistering attack. 
He was defending the list, as a list, as a forum fundamentally dedicated to 
understanding the sources of exploitation in the world, past, present, and 
future, and maybe finding a mechanism, some immanent force for the removal 
of that exploitation..

The list is supposed to be a reasonably open forum.  We, the participants, 
bring to it what we are, warts and all, even if we think they're dimples.

We have an issue?  OK hash it out.  Fight about it.    Tell somebody to go 
pound sand, turn blue, etc. But let's be clear what is at issue. Let's 
establish some point of reference for the next time around.

I think that point of reference is that as women make up growing sections of 
the working class, their exploitation grows in intensity,  and brutalization 
expands extensively. We need only look at the deaths of what? more than 300 
young women in and around Ciudad Juarez-- deaths that somehow go 

With such a social "background," it is not unusual for any and every 
expression of sympathy, or insistence on "due process" for a man who has 
engaged in such brutalization, on  personal, domestic, or social levels to 
be more than just regarded as "insensitive" by women, but be considered 
tolerance in continuing that brutalization, that exploitation.  That's the 

You want to tell women they're wrong?   That's a fool's errand.  Women won't 
be "wrong" until the relations of power have changed and the everyday 
brutalization that is excused, hidden, tolerated  is eliminated.  Point of 
analogy:  Malcolm X was not wrong when he expressed no remorse for the death 
of JFK and described it as chickens coming home to roost.

So.., so perhaps one  task, IMO, to improve the "health" of the list, is to 
explicate  a little more closely what is going on with women workers; what 
toll is being taken on women in Africa with the dismantling of what little 
development there has been;  what are the elements of  that have taken such 
a toll on the "new face of the poor."

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