[Marxism] A concrete and serious proposal for more gender equality on this list

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 18:13:18 MDT 2009

Women can have as much time as they want for internet discussion on this
list.  While I can see why they might not feel welcome here, it's a sense
that many of us share periodically....  What does that do.

The call "to 'adjust' the character of Marxmail to have more women posters"
means NOTHING without some suggestion as to how to do that.  You aren't
making one by simply pointing out that women "are put off by insults and
chest beating."  Of course, every sentient being is offended by such things,
and you're blanket condemnations of the list don't encourage civil

On this list, among us, a blob of electrons identifying themselves as female
can poison the discussion with complete equality as anything a blurb of
electrons identifying themselves as male does.....

So the real objections you have to the list is that it has not invited "our
sisters in Marxism are invited to converse about matters of political
importance to women and other oppressed people."  The list should "send out
a post"....   But where?  When?  To who?

While we're at it, we have to reach significant numbers of this target
audience, maybe we can bypass this email list entirely and move towards
organizing something in the real world....


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