[Marxism] Marek Edelman, antifascist fighter, dies

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 23:11:14 MDT 2009

Poland is one country where the Zionists participated in the resistance 
in an organized fashion. There is little evidence that the Kapos of the 
Jewish Police and Jewish "Councils", set up by the Nazis, were Zionists 
or anti-Zionist. At any rate they represented a small segment of the 
Jewish ghettoized residents.

The Revisionist Zionists were run out of the Warsaw ghetto, but still 
often enough participated in armed struggles there.

At any time, the Zionists were a smaller segment of the Resistance 
relative to Communist, Bundist and unorganized Jewish resistance cells 
in Poland and, of course, in other countries.


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