[Marxism] [UCE] What's new at Links: Honduras, S. Africa, Fidel Castro, Venezuela, Mexico's La Jornada, Guatemala, India, Portugal, East Timor, Thailand

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What's new at Links: Honduras, S. Africa, Fidel Castro, Venezuela, 
Mexico's La Jornada, Guatemala and Canada, India - Lalgarh, Portugal, 
East Timor, Thailand

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    On the spot in Honduras: The people are still on the streets!

By *Pedro Fuentes*, international secretary of the Party Socialism and 
Liberty (PSOL, Brazil)
September 29, 2009 -- Honduras -- "Blood of martyrs, seeds of freedom" 
was the slogan at the burial of Wendy, who died as a result of tear gas 
this weekend. All "awakening has its price" and "Honduras has awoken", 
an activist from a Communist Party background involved in the resistance 
told me at the ceremony for the comrade, held September 28 at the 
national cemetery. Using Marxist terms, the comrade said that in 
Honduras this awakening has meant that the movement has taken "a 
qualitative leap forward".

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1282>

    South Africa: `The ANC has invaded Kennedy Road' shack settlement

/Statement by Abahlali baseMjondolo president S'bu Zikode. S'bu and his 
family have been living as refugees since the September 26-27 violence 
by the African National Congress targeting Abahlali leaders at Kennedy 
Road shack settlement in Durban, South Africa. He appeals for continued 
support for the Shack Dwellers Movement in these dire times of 
government repression and lies. It can be said without exaggeration that 
the so-called democratic government of South Africa is attempting to 
silence and disband the country's largest social movement of the poor.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1281>

    (Updated October 2) Honduras: Dictatorship steps up reign of terror,
    resistance pushes on <http://links.org.au/node/1277>

By *Fred Fuentes*, Caracas
October 1, 2009 - The dictatorship in Honduras, which overthrew the 
elected government of Manuel Zelaya in a military coup on June 28, has 
stepped up its reign of terror. A state of siege remains in place. 
However, the ongoing resistance has caused further cracks to open within 
the pro-coup forces as support for the resistance spreads.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1277>

    Venezuela plans deeper popular democracy to address economic crisis

By *Federico Fuentes*, Caracas
September 24, 2009 -- Faced with the growing impact of the global 
economic crisis, Washington's intentions to establish seven military 
bases in Colombia and growing challenges in solving structural problems, 
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reaffirmed the need to build a new state.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1283>

    Mexico's leftist 'La Jornada': 25 years of rabble rousing

By *John Ross*, Mexico City
September 27, 2009 -- Seven mornings a week, Vicente Ramirez's battered 
aluminium kiosk on Cinco de Mayo Street in this city's old quarter is 
plastered with the front pages of 22 daily newspapers. All day handfuls 
of pedestrians pause to gawk at the incendiary headlines slapped to the 
siding, often engaging in animated debate about the nature of the news.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1280>

    Photo essay: Guatemalan Indigenous communities resist violent
    eviction by Canadian mining company <http://links.org.au/node/1279>

Story and photo essay by *James Rodríguez*, Barrio La Union, El Estor, 
Izabal, Guatemala
September 28, 2009 -- As a result of a frustrated eviction attempt in 
the community of Las Nubes in El Estor, Izabal, Adolfo Ich Xaman (middle 
in photograph above) was brutally shot and killed by private security 
guards subcontracted by the Guatemalan Nickel Company (CGN), local 
subsidiary of HudBay Minerals Inc., a Canadian mining company.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1279>

    India: Lalgarh's battle for dignity and justice

By the *Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation*
September 27, 2009 -- The following appeared as the editorial in the 
July 2009 issue of /Liberation/, the central organ of Communist Party of 
India (Marxist-Leninist) -- CPI (ML). Since then, while the paramilitary 
campaign in Lalgarh has ended, repression against the /adivasi/ (tribal) 
people of Lalgarh continues, with incidents of rape and violence reported.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1276>

    Portugal: Boost for left as Left Bloc doubles its representation

/ /*Left Bloc*, Portugal
Portugal's parliamentary elections, held on September 27, 2009, have 
changed the political landscape. The Socialist Party (SP), which had an 
absolute majority in 2005 with 45% of vote, lost more than half a 
million votes and fell to 36.56%. Even as the winner, it is in a 
minority in parliament, the only political force which lost seats in 
relation to 2005 (96 down from 121).

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1275>

    East Timor: The struggle for full independence --- 10 years on

/ /By *Mericio Akara*, translated by *Vannessa Hearman*
September 30, 2009 -- Dili -- What is commemorated as Timor Leste's 
(East Timor) "liberation" is the United Nations-facilitated referendum 
on August 30, 1999. East Timor, which had been a Portugese colony, was 
already an independent country, as a result of the pro-independence 
political party Fretilin declaring East Timor independent on November 
28, 1975. But barely days after the independence proclamation, on 
December 7, 1975, the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia used all its 
military firepower to invade Timor Leste.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1274>

    Philippines: Flood relief appeal from Partido Lakas ng Masa

By *Reihana Mohideen*, international desk, *Partido Lakas ng Masa* 
(Party of the Labouring Masses)
September, 28, 2009 -- Typhoon Ondoy swept through the Philippines on 
September 26, displacing some 250,000 people and, according to the most 
recent reports, has left some 86 people dead. Urban centres, such as 
Metro Manila, were also badly affected with more than 80% of the city 
under water. In some areas the water was around 4'-5' deep. Apparently 
one month's rainfall poured down in a matter of a few hours. We are 
conducting relief operations through our own networks and we are 
appealing for funds to support our relief work.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1273>

    Thailand: When King Pumipon dies ... <http://links.org.au/node/1272>

By* Giles Ji Ungpakorn*
September 25, 2009 -- Many Thais, whether they are royalist ``Yellow 
Shirts'' or pro-democracy ``Red Shirts'', are waiting for King Pumipon 
Adunyadet [often spelled Bhumipol Adulyadej in the Western press] to 
die. It may take years. Their feelings will be different, either 
positive or negative. This is because Pumipon has influenced Thai 
society for years. But the issue to discuss is whether this influence is 
created by others or based on the king's own power?

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1272>

    Fidel Castro on Honduras: A revolution in the making

By *Fidel Castro*
September 24, 2009 -- Last July 16, I said that the coup d'état in 
Honduras "was conceived and organised by unscrupulous characters on the 
far-right -- officials who had been in the confidence of George W. Bush 
and were promoted by him"... I then indicated that the Yankee base at 
Soto Cano [Honduras] had provided the main backup to the coup and that 
"the idea of a peace initiative from Costa Rica was transmitted to the 
president of that country [Oscar Arias] from the State Department when 
Obama was in Moscow and was declaring at a Russian university that the 
only president of Honduras was Manuel Zelaya."

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1271>

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