[Marxism] The real issue in the Polanski arrest

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We were supposed to bring this issue to a close, remember?  But we can't. 
This is like a Bunuel movie.  Don't like the food, the guests scare me, 
there are sharp objects all around and still I can't get up from the tabele. 
OK, we want go through more of this?  I've got one more go-round in me:

1. This is "no perfect" example, no example at all.  Polanski has not been 
kidnapped.  The Sheikh, to my knowlege did not agree to plead guilty to 
lesser charges then flee the country.

2. This is not a "new policy" of the US govt.  Requests for extradition by 
one country to another have a long tradition.  Agreeing to them and 
rejecting have an equally long history.

3.  This is a request for extradition, not an extraordinary rendition.  I 
know the two words share a lot of the same letters, but the acts are quite 

4. Regarding civil suits-- it's unclear if Polanski ever paid any of the 
$500,000 he agreed to pay to his victim back in 1993 [stand up guy, that 
Polanski, only takes the victim what 16 years to get a settlement- that's 
due process for you].  As of 1996, he had paid squat, and the amount with 
interest was around $605,000.

5. As for due process-- Polanski was afforded "due process," certainly as 
much as any rich white connected male can expect to be afforded in the US. 
He was indicted on charges of rape and sodomy based on the grand jury 
testimony of the victim.  Possible defendants are allowed to testify to 
grand juries, but are generally not required to so testify.  I don't know if 
Polanski did, and as with everything else, I really don't care.  Polanski 
then was afforded due process after indictment, was arrested, released on 
bail, obtained legal counsel and negotiated a plea bargain to plead guilty 
to lesser charges-- sex with a minor-- and avoid the charges of rape and 
sodomy.  Polanski on the advice of legal counsel agreed to this deal in the 
hope, not the guarantee that the prosecutors would be able to persuade the 
judge to agree to the reduced sentencing and all that jazz.  The judge did 
not agree.  Polanski then, according to due process, could have withdrawn 
his guilty plea, and could have asserted his innocence of the more severe 
charge and faced a trial and the decision of a jury of his peers.  He 
elected instead to process a little due on his own and flee the country.  He 
has lived well in France and Switzerland for some 30 odd years, and I don't 
care about that either.

6. I do not believe that those defending Polanski, or expressing "concerns" 
about this process are supporters of child molestation, excusers of rape.  I 
do think those who express those concerns are, however, wasting their time 
and ours,  by maintaining that there is some "overstepping" of legality, 
there is some witch-hunt going on. Polanski is what he is-- a child-abuser I 
do think those who excuse Polanski, based on his age, his "creative 
contributions,"  his tragic past [give us break on that one, please], are in 
fact excusing child rape.  To my knowledge, no one on this list is arguing 

7.  Those who think, however, that this event says anything at all one way 
or the other about the US judicial and/or political system, are making 
something out of nothing, or in this case, something out of a scumbag. 

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>A perfect example of the situation Einde describes is that of Sheikh
> al-Moayad of Yemen, who was kidnapped by the US government and framed
> up on terrorism charges, and released only recently.
> Andy
> On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 8:11 PM, Einde O'Callaghan <eindeoc at freenet.de>
> wrote:
>> For me the real issue for me on the Polanski arrest at this particular
>> point of time isn't whether he is innocent or guilty of rape - I have no
>> truck with the type of behaviour he is accused of - or what attitude the
>> woman he forced his attentions on under whatever circumstances while she
>> was underage forgives him or not, but the fact that in country after
>> country people can now be arrested on American warrants and deported to
>> the USA to face the not so tender mercies of the US "justice" system
>> without the substantive case being examined by a court before the
>> deportation.
>> Einde O'Callaghan
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