[Marxism] Bernard-Henri Levy bandwagon

Paul Flewers rfls12802 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Oct 5 15:04:51 MDT 2009

Re Lüko's comments re Polanski. I find it remarkable that self-styled
human-rights campaigners Levy and Kouchner come out in defence of a
child-rapist, not least because they have self-righteously posed as
defenders of Enlightenment Decency against barbarism; does anyone else
remember their pronouncements during the Yugoslav wars?

I think that it's that they instinctively come to the defence of someone who
is a creative artistic genius. I can't see them providing such eloquent
defences of, say Gary Glitter, the plebeian British popular music singer who
was convicted of child prostitution in Vietnam. It's caste snobbishness;
were it a lumpen hooligan who had committed the crime rather than Polanski,
our cultured johnnies would be demanding that his wedding tackle be chopped
off with a rusty sickle. If you're an iconoclast, on the other hand, the
artistic pseuds will make excuses for almost anything that you do.

Paul F

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