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Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 20:31:08 MDT 2009

I absurdly have read lots of Marx on overproduction. What I have not 
absurdly accepted (as Marx didn´t) were capitalist economic categories. 
When one criticizes Chinese "overproduction" one is speaking Friedmanese.

I try to speak Marxism, thus I don´t criticize "overproduction" as if it 
was wrong that China produces more steel than the world market can swallow.

I want to end with the markets so that all the steel that is necessary 
is produced. And humankid needs more steel than what we have now. Of 
course, the capitalist mode of production doesn´t.

But I don´t care about that mode of production.

S. Artesian escribió:
> Then Nestor, you really need to sit down and reread your Marx. 
> Overproduction is always the overproduction of capital; the overproduction 
> of commodities beyond the ability of the market, the relations of 
> production, to provide the required return.
> Overproduction is not underconsumption.  Capital is not organized around 
> production for use; production for need.  It, capitalist production is 
> about, and is only about the expansion of value.
> I'm astonished that as a Marxist you aren't aware of that fundamental aspect 
> of Marx's analysis.  It's like, not it's not like, it is exactly not 
> understanding the dual role, the dual existence of the commodity.
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