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By *Pedro Fuentes*, Tegucigalpa

October 1, 2009 -- “We will not stop. We will continue to be against the 
coup until the last day they are in power,” Juan Barahona said in an 
interview at the headquarters of STYBIS, the beverage workers’ trade 
union. Barahona is the principal leader of the resistance, together with 
Carlos Reyes, president of the trade union, a close comrade of Barahona 
and an independent candidate for the next presidential election. Reyes 
is injured and cannot participate, which makes Juan appear to be most 
visible face of the resistance.

Barahona is 55 years’ old and began his activism in 1975 in the student 
movement. In 1977 he joined the Communist Party of Honduras. He was 
active in the party until it was dissolved. It is worth recalling that 
the party dissolved itself following the fall of the Berlin Wall. But 
this did not stop Barahona being active. A large chunk of the cadres and 
activists of the Honduran CP were left without an organisation until 
they formed the Tendencia Revolucionaria (Revolutionary Tendency, TR) in 
1995. TR formed following a meeting with El Salvadoran activists 
involved with the Tendencia Revolucionaria that was part of the Frente 
Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional (Farabundo Marti National 
Liberation Front, FMLN) in El Salvador. The Tendencia Revolucionaria 
later left the FMLN as [TR claimed it] began to shift towards 
electoralism and opportunism.

Juan Barahona never rests. He was able to take time out for this 
interview in the offices of STYBIS, which is part of the Federation of 
Honduran Workers (FUT), which Barahona presides.

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