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Mon Oct 5 22:37:18 MDT 2009

Shane Mage wrote: 
“  > ...where does Rosa account for the social origins of formal logics,  
   > whatever kind, she makes such an unwarranted fuzz of? Did logic fall  
      > from the sky?...
It is the most obvious of mistakes to ask for the "social origins" of  
valid scientific concepts, whose only origin is the structure of  
reality to which they perforce conform. The "origin" of "formal  
logics" is mathematics, the method by which mathematical truth (the  
key to science) is discovered.  More immediately, the origin of formal  
logic is *dialectic*, as anyone who has read Platon and his pupil  
Aristoteles cannot be unaware.  Formal logic's propositions apply to  
*one* side of reality--the reality of unchanging, atemporal,  
structure.  They are thus inherently in tension with the other side of  
reality--the reality of constant flux in which all material "things"  
participate.  Dialectical logic unites these two "opposite" sides of  
reality.  From that all else follows.”
Shane, before this quote of mine, I had quoted Marx saying that “society must always be kept in mind as the presupposition”, but silly me, thinking that Marx had a say on a Marxism list…
p.s. I respect you a lot Shane, no kidding.
p.s.s. It is only too ironic that I don’t have time to criticize mathematics more fully, I have to study drift-diffusion equations! I’m not saying, at all, that mathematics doesn’t have a role in science, or more precisely, in the production of an objective consciousness, but please, check out the work of Sohn-Rethel to get a stab at what I mean with more elaboration. There’s also some articles in Spanish and English which I might translate, if the authors permit me, and share them on here, but that won’t be soon. Also the short, but insightful book on the history of mathematics, by Dirk J. Struik, who founded the journal ‘Science and Society’.
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