[Marxism] Rosa L. replies to RL and LK

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Mon Oct 5 23:14:17 MDT 2009

S. Artesian wrote: "But in the end, I think she knows actually very little about Marx, the 
development, method, and content of his work."
No doubt, but not only that. This whole anal retentiveness with contradiction in the end, as I see it, leads to a direct inversion, hidden as it is in 'no bullshit', in language, to say the least, of the very materialist conception. Let's see what Gerry Cohen says in his defence of Marx's theory of history:

"To personify capital is to practice the principle (the capitalist principle, the use of exchange value to increase exchange value) and POSSESS the mentality (the capitalist mentality, the quest for exchange value which is not controlled by a DESIRE for use-value, or not at any rate by a desire to exchange it for use-value.)" Now, you’ll excuse my Spanish, when the f**k was it that the capitalist got to ‘choose’ which mentality he’s going to POSSESS?, no sir, it is the 'mentality', the alienated consciousness, (and I bet 9 times out of 10, a 'No Bullshit' Marxist will explain the mentality as the DESIRE, and the Desire?...as the Mentality,) which possesses the capitalist.

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