[Marxism] Is it "Seven Days in May" for Obama?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 07:46:06 MDT 2009

While it's interesting and telling that the professional goons (well, goon
reenactors, really) on the idiot box have raised this spectre of a military
coup, it couldn't be more groundless and absurd.

Every time the Democrats decide to sleep with the Devil "just this once,"
they come up with rationalizations.  One of them--was it
Kucinich?--explained the Democratic fear of impeaching Bush as rooted in a
concern that the Republicans would declare martial law.  The Democrats have
to go to war, liberals claim, not because they actually favor war but
because the Republicans will assault their character if they don't.

Most importantly, all of this assumes that the country will sit by for
removing the authority of a seated president with an elected government.
The last time any section of the ruling class played with the idea was
probably the 1930s and it just didn't get any traction.  The last time they
made a serious attempt to do this was after the 1860 election of a president
some of them denounced as racially mixed.

The ruling class has used the civicly insane fifth of the population to set
the tone in American politics.  This has worked essentially because most of
the rest of country has been too lazy, too apathetic, and too preoccupied
with making a living not to indulge them.

The mind boggles at how quick that would come to an end should they attempt
a military coup


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