[Marxism] Video of 1948 Progressive Party campaign song...

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 08:07:44 MDT 2009

I've been playing around lately with putting videos together and posting
them on YouTube....  The last one puts together material from the 1948
campaign of Henry A. Wallace with a song from that bid.

I posted the lyrics for this earlier, but they're short enough to merit

The donkey is tired and thin.
The elephant thinks he'll move in.
    They yell and they fuss
    But they ain't foolin' us
'Cause they're brothers right under the skin.

It's the same, same merry-go-round,
   Which one will you ride this year.
The donkey and elephant bob up and down
On the same merry-go-round.

The elephant comes from the North
The donkey may come from the South
    If you look you may find
    The donkey's behind
But they've got the same bit in their mouth.


If you want to end up safe and sound
Get off the merry-go-round
    To be a real smarty
    Just join the new party
And get your two feet on the ground.



PS:  I'm entirely new at this sort of thing and assume that material from
1948 is so old that it's all in the public domain.  However, if someone
complains, YouTube takes it down, so....

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