[Marxism] WSWS review of Moore movie

Adam Richmond adambrichmond at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 6 08:17:28 MDT 2009

As usual, a smug, condescending review of another film from WSWS.  I don't dispute any of their facts.  It is their approach that is so appalling. 
This film helps bring into focus a growing restlessness with the status quo. Does it bring it completely into view and point to the solutions? No.  So far we know that Mr. Moore is not a revolutionary socialist. But what Michael Moore has done is to bring the economic system into question, something that has not been done in a major public forum, perhaps since the 1930s. 
That fact is lost on the ultralefts of the WSWS. It is up to the revolutionaries to see the film and take Michael Moore as the real thing.  It opens the door for a new way of seeing the basic facts of US politics.  


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