[Marxism] Rosa replies to SA, SM, and LK

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Tue Oct 6 09:00:36 MDT 2009

Rosa wrote: 
“What of this question, though?
“Where does logic come from Rosa?”
Don't you know? As far as we can tell, from that ruling-class theorist, Aristotle. But so what?”
And Aristotle and the whole mode of thinking of Greek society, obviously, fell from the sky. So Rosa, the Historical Materialist, can’t be bothered with explaining why logic came about as a product of the necessities of life, and instead gives us this accidental, bourgeois, at the very root, view that logic was the particular fancy of this particular philosopher which happens to work according to the ordinary language standard of clarity, which Rosa takes for granted. Remember? It is PEOPLE who make their own history, it is their actions, not your whimsical taste for clarity.
And Marx, well he just happened to be a particular communist, but no relation to the historical conditions in which he lived though, no siree.
The anal retentiveness is YOUR anal retentiveness, because lacking a formal model where to fit the dialectic, and reduce it to YOUR sterile mind games, (I don’t mean to scare you by putting YOUR in caps, I only want to stress these are your actions, it is time for you to understand where they come from as pertains your social being) you think advancing the interests of workers is a question of convincing comrades of your philosophy, which is bourgeois pragmatism in disguise, instead of, as it were, engaging in the real movement, or more to the point, the production of an objective consciousness.   
Until we are clear on what our social being is, we can’t even start talking about dialectics in a materialistic fashion.
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