[Marxism] Rosa L. replies to RL and LK

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Oct 6 10:16:58 MDT 2009

XxxxXxxx XxYyXxx wrote:
> p.s.s. It is only too ironic that I don’t have time to criticize mathematics more fully, I have to study drift-diffusion equations! I’m not saying, at all, that mathematics doesn’t have a role in science, or more precisely, in the production of an objective consciousness, 

it's role in the drift-diffusion equation is NOT one of logic and 
inference. in this case it offers a quantitative scheme for taking two 
seemingly disparate processes, random walks and directed motion, and 
unifying them under one tent. this happens in such a broad range of 
fields, from electrochemistry, pulse propagation in nerve fibers, 
semiconductor physics, to astrophysics from planetary rings through 
galaxy dynamics, and much more.

for a physicist, hard to imagine a science without mathematics. other 
sciences the math is sometimes overplayed. but to speak of mathematics 
in the sciences as all about logic and inference is to miss one of its 
primary missions.


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