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Les wrote: 


"for a physicist, hard to imagine a science without mathematics. other 
sciences the math is sometimes overplayed. but to speak of mathematics 
in the sciences as all about logic and inference is to miss one of its 
primary missions."
Most definitely, that’s why “I’m not saying, at all, that mathematics doesn’t have a role in science”, and of course mathematics isn’t a subfield of logic as Godel proved. I'm not trying to put down mathematics, much less science; I know Marxists are sometimes masochistic, but trying to find decay estimates for the scattering of drift-diffusion equations, mine actually come from fluid mechanics, while considering this some kind of unreal fruitless chore, nah, that's not me...yet.
But what I mean by criticizing mathematics, or more correctly, hinting at a critique of it, is that science, and so mathematics, are relegated to the imperatives of capital, and so one ought to trace the material roots of abstract thinking to understand their social function. It's not that capital is this God hovering over people and so science is some kind of illegitimate surrogate endeavor, what I'm saying is that science is the modality of production of an objective consciousness, and qua production, it develops in capitalism. To cut a long story short, is not that science, mathematics, nor even logic, if understood as the science of thought and not its inversion as the thought which creates science, is mere abstraction and should be denigrated; it's that capitalism denigrates it by making it subject to its world of abstractions.
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